One Spectator’s Account

Here’s an amazing account of last year’s tournament from a surprised guest of the 2014 PRGE:

“I stood there in awe watching the most amazing games of Tetris being played I’ve ever seen with my own two eyes. I was getting nervous, anxious worked up just watching these guys, as if I was one playing, trying to focus on block after block to ensure the perfect placement of each one. The speed of the games was almost impossible to keep up with, and I have no worldly idea how the players were able to see the blocks, decide on the placement, rotate, move side to side and drop each one with such precision. I feel like I only saw every third move when I was watching, just because my eyes and focus couldn’t keep up. But that’s why they were there, holding the controllers, and I was merely a spectator.

By the time the championship round was underway, I was a wreck. I had no attachment to any of the competitors, didn’t know them at all and frankly didn’t care who came out was World Champion. I just wanted to see the most amazing Tetris ever, and they sure did deliver.”

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