DAS 2024

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Summary of CTWC DAS 2024

⏰ Schedule:

Friday 26.07.2024:
Qualification: 11:00 – 16:00. Matches: 17:00 – ~21:00
Saturday 27.07.2024:
Matches: 11:00 – ~21:00
Sunday 28.07.2024:
Top 8 Matches: 11:00 – ~17:00
(All times are local times / UTC+2)

🏆 Bracket

We took last years feedback on the bracket format and decided to go for something WILD this time. CTWC DAS 2024 will feature a 48 player DOUBLE ELIMINATION (FLAT) BRACKET.
This means that EVERYONE who qualifies will get to play at least 2 matches that are also way closer in skill level than in regular tournaments.
Unfortunately, because of the amount of matches that also means that a big chunk of the losers bracket will be played off-stream.

✨ Side activities

We will be increasing the amount of side activities!
Last year there wasn’t really that much to do besides playing Tetris and trying out the games from XPERION.
More detailed information on this will be posted at a later point.

You will be able to choose your qualification slot and pay the participation fee a few weeks before the tournament.

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